Why the big beeches accept a tough queen in a cage

It is known that large beehives are very difficult to accept queen in a cage.
Melissia with a population of 7 to 20 frames are much less likely to accept the Queen than a 3 to 5 frameset.

Why is this happening?

Answer: Queens coming from breeding in a matchbox would be best to fire them to burn them, instead of putting them in our hives for many reasons.
It is unfortunate that some of the kings are practicing miniature hatchery.

In these cells with the minimum population and small space, nor the proper feeding of the Queen, it can neither maintain the appropriate temperature required at the critical time of the queen's return from the honeymoon, nor can the Queen have the Regular excretion of royal pheromone to be able to get into a larger hive after sale.
This is why these queens are accepted in small beeches but not in large ones.
And I also put a challenge for the bold people who like to try.
Remove a queen from a good twenty sheep and give her a cowboy to another orphan twenty pigs.
And in another twenty orphan beekeeping you put a queen coming from a honeycomb spitogoute.

And take your own conclusions !!!

Summing up.
The beekeeper should know the size of the blouse that the queen bought to know the honeybee to put her.
Queens who were in boxing or matchboxes, in your place I would not buy them ...
This is the answer to the question.

And I do not say that.
Russian researchers say it.