Blocking the honeycomb

Another post will be seen today with tips and information aimed mainly at young inexperienced beekeepers.
So let's learn about blocking the honeycombs.
The so-called blocking of the honeycomb is the dream of every beekeeper.
Blocking we say we have when the honeycombs are quickly filled with honey and the queen has no room to give birth to her eggs, then we say that our honeybees blocked honey with the queens.
This is because large amounts of honey come from the fields and in the hive there is no other available space to store.
Then every new bee hatched comes out of her cell and honey comes in quickly, before the queen gives birth.
So when the beekeeper opens the beekeeper and sees the queen blocked, and the honeycombs honeycombed, he also fills himself with satisfaction as he sees his efforts to be rewarded.
Blocking is much easier to happen to honeycombs, since the honey that comes to the hive is great.
But it also happens in the blooming if we have good spring in any of the forums, so much to make the queens block.
The value of the blocking is great, and the benefit to the beekeeper is even greater.
Think that the honeycombs are crowded with honey while there is no knee to make it difficult for the beekeeper to get a frame from the hive or not at harvest.
So while apiculture was growing, beekeepers quickly realized they needed to devise ways to get blocked after they were very much involved.
So the French beekeepers first devised a way of blocking.
So he says that at the time when large amounts of honey come to the hive, we have to take a framework with a population and with the queen and put it in the embryo, adding there still 9 unbuilt or built frames.

Above the fetal chamber we put a queen's seam, and over the floor or floor lay if the honeybee is three-storey, having a fry and honey.
When the fowl is hatched in place, honey will come in and as the queen will be down in the fetal chamber and unable to rise up to give birth because of the diaphragm we will have some kind of artificial blocking.

Such techniques are useful for thymus or tree firing, and it is not necessary for the Queen to remain with a diaphragm for a very long time because the population can be reduced because we will not have much birth.
This way is not suitable for pine as we have a natural blockade but also a need for a lot of fry so that our bees do not fall too much ...