10 frames beehives

The hives we manufacture are langstroth with Australian cap.

The wood used is fir for the outer pieces and pine for the frames.

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Why the big beeches accept a tough queen in a cage

It is known that large beehives are very difficult to accept queen in a cage.
Melissia with a population of 7 to 20 frames are much less likely to accept the Queen than a 3 to 5 frameset.

Why is this happening?

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Prevention and suppression of shambles

A few days ago we were talking about the shambles and what caused them.

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Beehive is a natural or human construct (called "Natural Blister" and "Artif

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About Us

Our company was founded in 1975. From 1990 and forward our products are delivered to our clients with special designed truck. We constract Langstroth hives of 10, 8, 5 frames, and removable bottoms.


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