«If bees ever became extinct, humanity we only have 4 years left

Albert Einstein


About Us

Vasileios and Nikolaos Georgelis was founded in 1975 as a continuation of a long history of the family in the field of wood. It has been active since 1975 at the honey-making hub to meet the needs of beekeepers.



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We use Czech lumber for honeycombs and pine wood for Greek molds, so we always ensure the best quality for our customers, placing special emphasis on the materials of the honeycomb..



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You have the opportunity to enjoy our products all over Greece by taking advantage of our large network of partners who can easily and immediately cover your every need. Just select the closest partner to you.


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Our company has in limited quantities of Fir Russia dryer for the construction of cellar floors, but their production is only made upon request. Expressions of interest




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Exterior dimensions

The external dimensions of the hive may differentiate by some millemeters if its necessary for technical reasons.

Removable Bottom

Modern apiculture demands a removable bottom in the beehives because it facilitates beekeeping handling.

Stable Beehive

The existing of different connector types ensures the stability of the hive during transportations.

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Photo Gallery & Latest News

11 May

10 frames beehives

The hives we manufacture are langstroth with Australian cap.

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11 May

Why the big beeches accept a tough queen in a cage

It is known that large beehives are very difficult to accept queen in a cage.

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11 May

Prevention and suppression of shambles

A few days ago we were talking about the

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11 May

Our Key Features

In particular, our company distinguishes itself for three very important features:

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Blocking the honeycomb

Another post will be seen today with tips and information aimed mainly at young inexperienced beekeepers.
So let's learn about blocking the honeycombs.

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11 May

Tips for direct bee strength

Honeycombs must be removed when they are sealed, ie 10 days after the egg's birth, and placed on the solar candleholder where they will remain for more than 3 hours to kill the mites.

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About Us

Our company was founded in 1975. From 1990 and forward our products are delivered to our clients with special designed truck. We constract Langstroth hives of 10, 8, 5 frames, and removable bottoms.


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